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Hello - we do things a bit different

No gaudy, bright shiny text, no "special offers", no up-sell, no forever contacting you - none of that rubbish.

If you would like to attend our free webinar, then put your email in the box and we will send you the Zoom link - that's it, nothing else to do, no follow-up emails stalking you or asking you to click on 17 other videos.

No pop-ups, no annoying voice-over, no in-your-face "marketing guru" telling you what you have done so far is crap and if only you would give him lots of YOUR money he will fix everything. No fake testimonials from people associated with the guru, all earning money from your clicks, no countdown clock.

It is a free 35 minute webinar that is done live every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm, that talks about our journey of health transformation and how we built a legal, ethical, home-based business with a company voted in the Top 100 most trustworhty companies in the US, which operates in 29 countries globally. There is no hard-sell, no special offer for attending, no extra bonus for saying "Yes" to anything on the call. Just listen to the opportunity - if it resonates great, if not, that's also cool, we promise not to stalk you.

Best wishes, Simon & Kim

Real people, living in a real house in a real village in the UK, with real issues - just like you

7.30PM every wednesday - live